Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Are my Gums healthy?

Often, many Santa Clarita dentists seem to realize that many people don’t actually know about their own oral health. They don’t know about gum health, the reason why it matters, and the like. These are all very important, and actually knowing about healthy gums can help save your teeth. If you don’t want them falling out, then this is definitely something that mates.

Now, if you think about it, try to imagine the idea that if skin got red and puffy whenever you touched it, that would be bad. Bleeding isn’t always normal, and you might wonder if it’s due to an infection and what is happening to the rest of the body because of this.

To put it simply, bleeding gums aren’t normal. They’re a sign of bacterial infection and that the immune system is trying to fight it. It’s more than just the health of the mouth either, for it can totally hit the rest of the body, and it will affect everything.

You definitely should take care of gum disease, for if it is left untreated, then tooth loss can happen, and that means that you might not be able to have your favorite foods, a smile that makes you feel good, or even speak correctly without some teeth. This can happen due to gum disease, and there are ways to replace missing teeth, but it’s a lot easier to just protect the teeth that you have.

Now along with that, gum disease can affect the entire body. The bacteria that cause gum disease, Alon with our immune system, will work to combat one another, and this can lead to a lot of adverse health events. Actually, gum disease and diabetes actually share a close link. If you have uncontrolled diabetes, it can result in periodontitis, and the other way around does in fact happen as well. It actually can be seen as a complication of diabetes in some cases.

It can also contribute to other problems as well, such as coronary heart disease, chronic respiratory infections, and even can affect pregnancy

Now, if you’re wondering if your mouth is healthy, you can always ask the dentist, and you’ll get your answer from your Santa Clarita dentist right away. But of course, you might also want to know a bit more about what might be the symptoms of it, and when your dentist does check the gums, the teeth, the tissue, and the bones under it, the measurements of pockets will also tell you a bit about that. You might wonder what the health of your teeth might be, and it’s important to note these. One of the biggest symptoms is that the gum bleed super easy whenever you brush or floss. It’s not healthy. If they’re also tender, swollen, or even a red color, that can be a sign of periodontal disease. If your breath is bad, then that actually can also be a sign, and that can also lead to other, more serious health problems as well, and it’s important to definitely consult your dentist about this. Finally, there is loose teeth. If they start to feel loose, then it’s a sign that it’s time to see your dentist, for that can be gum disease in the most advanced stages, and you should definitely see your dentist as soon as you totally can. The biggest thing to do is to see a dentist, for this is no joke, and it’s something that can adversely affect the health of your teeth if you’re not careful.

If you do have to go in to see your dentist, they might have to do a scaling, a root planting, or they might just give you a simple treatment. Whatever the case may be, it’s not the end of the world, but in fact, the start of improving your overall oral health. It’s super important to keep this on track, to actually watch out for this, and to see your dentist, for it can change the overall oral health, and even your physical health as well, so it’s important to nip this in the bud right away before it gets worse than it is so far. 

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